Leukodystrophy Types

There are 56 plus forms that come under the banner of Leukodystrophy.
Information on some of the types of Leukodystrophy and its name can be found below in alphabetical order.

Some of the below information has been sourced from the United Leukodystrophy Foundation with their permission and replicated here for your information. We thank them most sincerely for their generosity.

  • #
  • A
  • C
  • E
  • F
  • Elongation of Very Long-Chain Fatty Acids-4 (ELOVL4; Pseudo-Sjogren-Larsson)
  • Fatty Acid 2-Hydroxylase Deficiency
  • Fucosidosis
  • G
  • H
  • I
  • K
  • L
  • M
  • N
  • O
  • P
  • R
  • Oculodetatoldigital Dysplasia with Cerebral White Matter Abnormalities
  • Orthochromatic Leukodystrophy with Pigmented Glia
  • Ovarioleukodystrophy Syndrome


  • RARS2-related hypomyelination
  • Refsum Disease
  • RNAse T2 deficient leukoencephalopathy
  • S
  • V
  • X
  • Z
  • Sialic acid storage disorders (Salla disease, Infantile Sialic Acid Storage Disease and Intermediate form)
  • Sjogren-Larsson Syndrome (SLS)
  • SOX10-associated PCWH: peripheral demyelinating neuropathy, central dysmyelinating leukodystrophy, Waardenburg syndrome, and Hirschsprung disease