Prescription Language

Abbreviation Latin Translation What It Means
a.c. ante cibum before meals
b.i.d. bis in die twice a day
c cum with
cap capsula capsule
d dies day
daw dispense as written (no substituting generic or brand name drugs)
gtt gutta drop
h.s. hora somni bedtime
I.M. into the muscle
I.V. into the vein
mg milligram
ml millilitre
nocte at night
O.D. oculo dextro right eye
O.S. oculo sinistro left eye
O.U. oculo utro in each eye
p.c post cibum after meals
p.o. per os by mouth
p.r.n. pro re nata as needed
pil pilula pill
qh quaque hora every hour
q 3 h quaque 3 hora every 3 hours
qAM every morning
qd quaque die daily
q.i.d. quater in die four times a day
q.o.d every other day
s sine without
s.l. under the tongue
tab tabella tablet
t.i.d. ter in die three times a day
tsp teaspoon
tbsp tablespoon
ut dict as directed by doctor
Alphabetical List of Medical Abbreviations