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Nurses ALF A4 Double Sided Brochure

Red Flag: Primary Adrenal Insufficiency in Young Boys is a Red Flag for ALD

Avoiding the Misdiagnosis of Adrenoleukodystrophy: Distinguishing ALD from ADD/ADHD

In diagnosis, one letter in the alphabet can make a life-saving difference. Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), while a rare disorder, is important for clinicians to keep on their radar screen since it is typically fatal though amenable to treatment in its earlier stages.

These leaflets are designed for you to use yourself and to share with your consultant and any other medical, social and educational professionals involved. Although a lot of the information can be used worldwide, some of it is specific to the UK, in particular regarding health and care services. However, we are happy to send abroad where required.

Adrenoleukodystrophy: ALD 101

ALD Life Information Leaflets

These leaflets cover all aspects of living with the ALD gene and are generously provided here for your information courtesy of ALD Life: